Sunday, December 23
Dear Daddy in Heaven,

Thank you for...

the year end holiday that I'm having. Though it's much shorter than usual, it was a good time for me to rest and laze around.

Your faithfulness. i have no idea how i made it tru Year 2012 but only through Your strength.

Hwei Sue who has always do all she could to support and help me out.

the friends you've sent to encourage me in Penang.

connecting me to wonderful people so that i can do more in school.

protecting me from danger as i travel up and down the hill.

for the state funds that was given to my school. I'm amazed by Your plans.

Your forgiveness and love. You give me reason to let go and not continue to hurt myself.

$$ that was entrusted to me.

the opportunity to study in USM. Though it was disappointing in many ways, God in You i trust. I'll learn and grow from this experience though it is hard to swallow.

always being there for me when I was so upset with life. Thank you :)

being my security. In you, I can stand secure because I've everything :)

the grace to live another year :)
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Sunday, May 20
Dearest Daddy,

I thank you that you are always with me even when I feel unchristian, selfish and ugly.

For all the ideas that you've given me, I thank you for each one of them.
None of it belongs to me. It's your property, it's yours.
I'm just using it for awhile.
Soon someone else would use it and it will pass it to them

Dad, i thank you for YOU. for you always protects, always love.
Though i'm living in a imperfect world, You are still in control.

Yes, You are so in control.
You are so so good. So good to me.
I need not to feel fearful for You give much more than I can ever imagine or dream off.

You are for me, who can be against me :)

Dad, people come and go.
Some are too far, too busy, too sleepy... just being human.
I thank you, you are always here for me.

Thank YOU :)

PS : Happy Teacher's Day, Dad. Thank YOU for being the best-est teacher to me.

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Sunday, April 1
Thankful for the surety of Your hands in my life when everything around is uncertain.
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The Lord gives and takes away.
Still will I praise Your name.
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Sunday, October 3
Count your blessings.

Good reminder.
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Monday, May 3
Thank You Daddy for the new place.
Thank You for teaching me so many things,
for being patient with me,
for sending me people who love me and want to support me.

Thank You for softening my heart
and opening my ears and eyes to see
that through it all,
You are behind everything.

You are in control, and
You are good.
So very good.

Thank You, Daddy!
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Sunday, May 2
Thankful that I am able to give God tithes.

It's a good feeling, earning yourself a living.
Although there are endless bills to pay
and it's time to repay the study expenses loan -
It's a strange feeling, supporting myself backwards
like this.

It's a good feeling, supporting myself
like this.
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Thursday, April 15
Thank You, God,

Your mercies are new every morning
Your grace is enough for me
Beyond human understanding
You provide for all my needs

Things are always
'could have been better'
In retrospect
But when I look back,
I see endless blessings
And know,
You're already there

And it just keeps getting better... :)
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Tuesday, January 19
I haven't dropped by here in awhile.
But that doesn't mean I've forgotten.
There are so many things to thank You for-
The good, and the overwhelming bad,
which will turn into good
One day, someday...

Thank You, God, for your mercies are new every morning.
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Tuesday, August 11
Thank You Daddy for what's yet to come.

I don't know. Haha. I don't know what's yet to come.

But there is this peace in me that tells me that it's all going to be ok,

because You're holding me in Your arms.

So yeah,

thank You, Father.

*hugs You*
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Tuesday, June 9
Dearest Daddy,

gosh.. it has been a long time since i thank you here!
oh today, i must write it down here!

with 7 subjects, 20 credits and 34 contact hours per week,
i really thought i wasn't going survive last semester.
everyone i met said i was crazy to take so many hours.

the counseling sessions was breaking every parts of me.
the pile of assignment brought me to tears many nights.
the issues that i was going through was so tiring to think about.
the crazy emotions that i felt was just.... indescribable? hehehe...
the unpredictable events that happened was super overwhelming for me.
the last two months of the semester that i couldn't find time to go back home made me really emo!
the perfectionist in me to do well in every presentation and assignments pissed me off many times. i wish i could just simple do and passed up.
the days that i didn't have time for meals because classes was 8am to 11pm and just enough time take a short bath made me feel so sedih wei!
the stress that i gave myself to do micro teaching and counseling sessions made me very sick and lost some weight.
the mornings that i had to dragged myself out of the bed and ran to class made me realized i was and still is very weak.
the nights when we had meetings and only some was cooperating, i was on the edge of yelling out loud.

oh yes, it was a super dramatic semester!
but i thank you that You were still in control during those times.

i thank you for your strength that sustained me.
as i looked back, all those horrible moments seems to be awesome because i see you moving powerfully in my life =)

i thank you for your love and patient.
i'm convince no one is more loving and more patient than you do. the days that i was so stubborn and insisted my way yet you were still there for me =)

i thank you for your faithfulness.
do i need to say more? you are always there tho i has forsaken you many times

i thank you for meeting my needs, wants and desires.
in my busyness, i still wished to go out and have fun. i thank you for the many meet-ups with friends that i could make it. i thank you for all the fun!

i thank you for the good night sleeps.
surprisingly and miraculously i could sleep at 11pm most of the days during my last semester. maybe i was too tired to not sleep but then i still wanna thank You that i didn't have dreams about me running that would make me really tired. hahahaa...

i thank you for the awesome friends
yes friends who were there to encourage me when i felt i was the most stupid person on earth. friends who laugh with me for the silly stuff that happens. friends who went prayer meets and church with me even though they were dead tired. friends who cried with me when i was sad for no reason. friends who listens to my complain, grumble, and nonsense. friends who was very persistent to drag me out of room and chill out. friends who came for sleepover kononnya to help me do assignments but end up talking till late at nite. friends who share to me their thoughts, disappointment and joy =) friends who tell me they like me. friends who are willing to sacrifice their time and effort for me. friends who are as emo as me. friends who are as ridiculous and silly as me. Oh thank you for all the great people around me =)

oh there are so much to thank you for! the wisdom of yours that helped me to manage my time well and study smart, your joy that has been my strength, the word that you have spoken to me, the good result that you have bless me with... the list goes on!

oh i'm truly thankful! =)

still loving you =)
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Monday, May 25
Thank You, God, that You knew before us.

Thank You, God, for being with & comforting Sam & my family.

Thank You, God, that Dad had bought insurance 2 months ago for Sam.

Thank You, God, for providing the specialist & medications.

Thank You, God, that we were not too late.

Thank You, God, that You're in control. No one else does the job better.

Thank You, God, that You go before us. And the victory belongs to You.
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Friday, April 10
Dearest Daddy,

Thank You for dying on the cross for us this day..
for not giving up on us.

Thank You for Your sacrificial act of kindness--
that You did not withhold any part of Your being..

Thank You, Daddy.. for choosing to be born--
You could have let us rot and die in our sinfulness and then create a fresh batch of possibly 'sinless' Christians..

Thank You Lord, that not even death can separate us now.
Thank You for breaking the power of death.

In Jesus' name,
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Monday, March 30
Thank You God for life.

It's not predictable, but it's under Your control.

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Friday, March 13
Thank you Jesus for being with me and for taking away the fear when I went to collect my results! YAY!
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Tuesday, March 10
Thank You, God, for answering my prayer!!!

I knew he could do it.
I knew You could do it.
All's well and good. ♥
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Tuesday, February 10
Dear God, why do people take people for granted? how do people get so blind, so deaf, so cold, that a clanging cymbal and so many wake up calls fail to make them see, hear, or feel? how much does it take to pass that threshold? will people only fret when time is running out?

i don't feel like thanking You today. but all the more i know i should. because it is all not by accident. i see the pieces coming together. Thank You, God, for Your timing. unlike us mere humans, You never make mistakes. though all else falls away, still i praise.
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Monday, February 9
Dearest Daddy,

You know that these few days have been particularly difficult for me.

And yet You remind me that this battle is not mine, but Yours.

I ask:
for Your strength,
for Your wisdom,
for Your comfort,
and for Your peace.

Thank You for asking me to live life a day at a time.
It's hard enough.
But Your grace is sufficient for me,
Your power is made perfect in my brokenness.

Though I fail people,

You keep telling me "Repent, confess, turn away, I will clean you again"

Though people fail me,

You will never ever fail me nor forsake me.

Thank You, sweet Lord.

Persevering in Your strength,
Victoria :)
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Friday, February 6
Dearest Dad,

Your timing is perfect :) I have just the amount of money needed--not too much where I will overspend, and not too little where I can be tempted to commit a crime--and enough to be saved as well.

Thank You for providing. Thank You for knowing what I need even without me stating it.

Teach me to trust in You more and more,

that through knowing You I will be content with just having You.

Your daughter,
Victoria :)
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Monday, January 19
Dearest Daddy,

I used to wonder why You sent me to KL to study instead of to Singapore when I thought that Singapore was the better choice (from a very materialistic point of view).

But You know better. Oh Daddy dearest, You definitely know better.

You needn't have to reveal it to me, but yesterday You showed me the whole picture of all that has happened in my life and how it is important for what You are doing in me, and how You will use it in the future to glorify You.

I know it is not complete yet because Your aim is more than showing me the complete picture... but truly Your aim is to teach me to have faith in You that the puzzles of my life will lead to a beautiful picture.

Thank You for breaking me so that You could build me up again on the right foundation.

I would never have been able to come so far without You, and without the group of solid Christian sisters You have very very graciously put in my life.

I praise You for Your kindness, gentleness, persistence, mercy, grace, goodness, and faith in me.

I love You.

Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.

Thank You for You.
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Tuesday, January 13
Dear God,

yesterday John & i were driving home from church. it was a long long ride, sending friends back to their faraway homes. but it was okay, good for endless chatter.

our conversation leaped from topic to topic. then came the subject of Photography. we talked about how having an eye for the right angle is probably more important than the canggihness of the camera. he pointed out that the easiest photos to take are those of wide open skies, scenery.

it was true; it's hard to go wrong with photos of Your creation. it was beautiful. God, Your artwork is beautiful. and so flawless. that was the first time i looked up at the clouds that busy weekend.

how can i ever thank You enough.
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Wednesday, December 24

Thank you for Christmas =)
Happy Birthday to YOU!

Thank You for being willing to save us.
May I be willing for you too =)

Still loving you =)
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Wednesday, December 17
Thank You God for holidays!

Thank You that you are God who gives us rest :)
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Monday, December 15
Hey, Dad.

Super Thank You for holidays =)
Dad, why holiday is called H-O-L-I-D-A-Y?
it's a time to be HOLY?
anyway, Thank You for the more free time doing nonsense, nothing and crappy stuff stuff i love to do =)

Thank you for staying through me the last semester
though i really really thought i'm not going to make, i did through your strength.
19th Dec, i will know my result. it's freaking scary. i can't predict it.
Next semester will be a scarier one, Thank You for always being here for me =)
Thank you for deciding long time ago you will be here for me.

thank you a lot, DAD =)
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Saturday, December 13
irresistible, colourful tiny wooden pegs caught my eye. i picked out a few, envisioning with glee all the cute things i can make. after 20 minutes of careful selection, returning some to their respective baskets so as not to pass the price quota, i handed them to the Thai(?) lady. she counted them and said, "i give you 2 free". i was so happy! =)

i saw a book shop with rows & rows and stacks & stacks of nice new books with crisp pages. i walked in, back & forth, round & round. i have to be careful with my spending, i thought to myself. after 20 minutes, i picked one out for a friend. the cash register showed half its price. i asked the lady, and she said, that's right! i was so happy! =)

i strolled into a quaint craft shop. it was dusty and disorganized, manned by a post-retirement aged man. he explained to me how he made the various decorative items in the shop, and i was amazed. he had a scowl on his face, but i knew he was proud of his work. i rummaged in the old faded boxes, and after 20 minutes i found an alphabet+numbers clay mold! exactly what i've been looking for, at an affordable price. i was so happy! =)

my roommate's brother & friend were hooked to their online guy game, which gave them vampire eyes. i was going to McD and volunteered getting them food. my roommate had to shout to get their attention off the game, it was so funny! 20 minutes later, at McD, i bought the 4 meal sets and gathered the bags in my hands. the teddy bear cashier perceived me too small for such a task and ran ahead to open the glass doors for me. i was so happy! =)

Thank You, God, for these little happy happenings. =)
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Tuesday, November 25
Heavenly Father,
Thank you for keeping us safe on the bike

Thank you that nobody ever bothered to snatch my handbag in the basket (clearly exposed)

Thank you for helmets even if its too big for my small head (oddly)

Thank you for theRoomate who always ask me scary questions about motorbike so I'll be extra cautious

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Thursday, November 20
Dear Daddy,

Thank You for providing :) You know this month is pretty hard for me financially, yet You never failed to provide at the right time! Every time I am short on money to eat, You feed me by sending all the people who owe me money to repay me!

Hehe thank You Daddy for protecting me as well!! Yesterday while walking back to get my car (you know it's quite a distance from KPD to Jalan Kasah), my shoe strap broke!! I had to use my scrunchie to secure my slipper and I was limping the whole way.. like orang cacat. Hehe. And Daddy it was so scary, I walked past a few men and then they started following me!!! So scary.. God I was truly so scared, and prayed like crazy. After walking behind me, a group of guys passed by, then the other men changed their direction as well. Thank You GOD!!! Slipper broke, some more I was carrying 2 laptops + my own handbag, I wouldn't have been able to run if they came after me. Thank You Daddy!!!!!!

Hehe I got so much to thank You Dad, I don't know where to start!

Thank You for teaching me how to solve a conflict properly, for opening my eyes to see both sides of the story, for loving me even when I don't feel like loving you or even the people in my life.

Thank You for letters! I like how people make efforts to show how much they care, and I thank You Lord that these people are so loving!

Thank You for bible study with your FES servant, who makes time for me to teach me Your Word. Thank You for her nonsensical lame jokes, for her heart for young people, for her love for You Lord. She is an inspiration :)

Thank You Daddy for Anna! You know why ;) hehe too many to post down.. heheheh.

I look forward to more opportunities to thank You Daddy, thank You for creating in me a new person :)

Love you :)
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Tuesday, November 18
Dear God,

don't You think cameras are just the most amazing things ever invented?

memories, moments in time, can be captured into photos and made timeless.

to reminisce some, regret some, and most importantly, to remember;
because our memories fail us so many times.

Thank You, God, for photos
& for people to share them with. =)
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Monday, November 17
Hey Daddy,

Through your help, I survived my 5th semester in Uni.
Fuh! I was so wrong to think Uni would be easy road.
Thank you for you help and strength!

But then, sometimes I feel I didn't depend on your strength
And I did it my way and not yours. I'm sorry.
Thank you for your grace and being patient with me!

Through the hustle and bustle of my daily life,
many time I have forgotten and forsaken you
Thank you for your faithfulness and never leave me.

Oh gosh... it's hard living for you!
The longer I live for you, it seems harder.
Thank you for living the hardest life on earth that I may never ever say it's too hard.

As I look back, truly You heard my prayers.
The little, merepek, self-fish, mengada, stupid, lebih-lebih, crappy prayers, You heard it.
Thank you for listening to my insignificant prayer.

Before entering 5th semester, I was super emo about the seniors who graduated.
I didn't think I could enjoy or survive uni without them.
Thank you for proving me wrong and providing me with new-found friends =)

You have been good to me, really good
though I don't think I have been good to you
Thank you for your unconditional love that I could not and might never comprehend.

Thank YOU =)
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Thursday, November 13
Thank You Daddy for completed assignments, for finished campaigns and oral defenses!

Thank You for u sustaining me, us, everyone who is going crazy over the amount of workload.

And to think, this is only the beginning of a journey of deadlines and responsibilities :/

Hehe but I know Your grace is sufficient for us. Thank You :D
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Sunday, November 2
Heavenly Father,
Thank you for loving me.
Sometimes even I dont love me.

Thank you for secondthirdfourthfifthbillion chances.
I love You always
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Saturday, November 1
Thank You Daddy for friends who love You!

Through knowing Your love they also share it, and thank You that they have shared it with me :)

Thank You for phonecalls they so willingly answer, thank You for the hugs they give, thank You for the ears You gave them (they definitely make use of it better than I do)!

Thank You that through it all, it's You who has been there all along.

*hugs You*
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God, dear God,

All i aimed for
was to survive
this hectic

But You gave me
so much more!
You stretched time,
Your blessings overflow.

So many lessons learned
in the past 7 days
God, i'm humbled,
i am amazed.

All i aimed for
was to survive
the exam week
that i was sick

But You gave me
so much more!
31/194, 9/79 grades ranking;
Your blessings overflow.

And i know
this is not me
but by Your strength,
that i may not boast before You.

You chose the time
when i was weakest
and turned it
into Your strength.

And i will praise Your Name always.
Thank You, God. =)
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Friday, October 31
Dearest Father,

We sang this song in church the other day, and I am reminded again and again.. That albeit You are God, you are also our intimate Father who longs to draw near to us..

Thank You for giving us life, and for loving us :)

"Ku milikki kasihMu
Yang tak ternilai bagiku
Meskipun tak kupunya,
Siapapun juga

Sungguh indah kasihMu,
Yang tak bersyarat untuk ku
Walaupun tak ada yang mengasihiku

Kau Tuhan adalah Bapaku
Yang sangat menyayangi ku
Tak pernah sekali pun, ku dapati
Kau sakiti hatiku

Kau Tuhan adalah Bapaku
S'lalu memperhatikan Ku
Tak ada alasan ku ragu-ragu
Ku serahkan hatiku

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Thursday, October 30

Hey Daddy :)

Thank You that our life story is still in the process,

that tomorrow is not a promise;

but a chance.

Though filled with regrets and pain and mistakes along the way, slowly but surely with Your limitless grace + mercy + compassion; the story of our lives CAN glorify You.. That despite it all, in You there is joy + peace + all good things.

We love You.

Thank You :)
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Wednesday, October 29
Hey Daddy,

Thank you for have the concept of family and home in the heart of every human being =)
i really don't know how life would be without family and home
like so cacated and so no life right?

Thank you for a house that i can call my home
Thank you for a group of people that i can call my family
Thank you!

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Dear God,

right now i wish time would stop-
so i can catch up on all the work,
so i can catch a little more sleep!

but i thank You, that You are fair,
You gave to each 24 hours in a day.

thank You, that You set order
and consistency every day.

thank You for clocks!
right now i hate to see them ticking away,
but still, i can't live without them. =)
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Thursday, October 23
Hey, Dad!

thank you for the fruits, non-china chocolates, and bracelet that was given to me at the apt time =D just when i needed chocolate, i was given =) not once but twice =D it surely made my day happy!

Oh, I need more food to study =D thank you for open a way for me go home tmr!! yea... =) home got more food, more food helps me to study more, study more hopefully better result! thank you Dad!

thank you for taking care of me while i didn't have enough sleep and walked like a drunkard -.-''
thank you for making sure i didn't masuk longkang/ parit/ fell over some pebbles

thank you for miraculously cause the so called no mercy lecturer to open the class for us!
I don’t know how it happens and i'm speechless. I’m supur grateful la…

Thank you for good course mate who were willing to face lecturer with the knowing of the lecturer super hard to talk with.

Thank you for being with me even though everything went so SALAH during the last CG meet. Thank you for letting know that I needed you strength more than ever.

Thank you for loving me even though many times I feel so ARG! =/

Thank you awesome + nice friends in UPM that i won't be alone =D

Thank you for TIME to study! despite me being the busy owl running everywhere, i still got time to study sociology paper 4 times =) THANK YOU!!! =D Thank you for your assurance =)

Thank you that i can online!!!!!!! =D


very thankful =D
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Monday, October 20
Dear God,

So many things to thank You for in the last week,
where do I start!

1. Thank You for a quick recovery! =)

2. Thank You that the lecturer allowed me to have another sitting for my midterms, although I later found out it's actually not allowed! What would I do if I had to forfeit 30% of my grades! and thank You that they're so so nice to me. =)

3. Thank You that we couldn't find a parking space nearer to the clinic we'd intended to go to, that we had to park farther away, and ended up going to a different clinic. we later found out I was the last patient, it's non-24-hours, which means a lower bill! only had to pay RM45 when I'd initially prepared RM60. =)

4. Thank You for McD porridge! not very yummy, but easily attainable. =)

5. Thank You for the cab driver who called out to me - I didn't have to wait at all. Thank You for the very clean, nice-smelling cab, friendly driver - I felt comfortable and didn't have to worry. Thank You that he sent me all the way up into Puduraya so I wouldn't get caught in the rain. He said, so I wouldn't fall sick again. =)

6. Thank You for the bus ticket!! I reached Puduraya at 4:08pm, and got a 4:30pm ticket! very amazing for a Friday evening. What are the chances that the
tickets were all sold out, and there was only 1 last ticket at 4:30pm?! Did You reserve that just for me, so I wouldn't have to wait at dingy Puduraya till 9:30pm? =)

7. Thank You for safe journeys to and fro. I've read of so many road accidents, but all my life I've never been in one. Your angels, they do their job well. =)

8. Thank You for my family, I love them!!! =)

9. Thank You for my church, my other family. =)

10. Thank You for showing me it's all alright, You've got my world in Your hands, I don't have to fret or be sad. Thank You for Your hand of protection, You care for me and show me Your love in so many little ways, everyday. Thank You that You know ahead of time, You have plans better than mine, and You go before me. =)
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Saturday, October 18
Hey Daddy,

thank you for being patience with me.
there were many times in this week, i felt like yelling out loud at others.
but because of your patience to me, i think they deserve more patience.
thank you for setting an awesome example for me

thank you for loving me
even i might be the worst counseling student, i know i am loved by you
thank you for your amazing love.

thank you for being the ROCK that i can lean on
gosh... i'm so tired of the stress and tension around me
i need You badly.
thank you for being there

thank you for crazy not easily terasa roomie

thank you for the rainbow
it's so pretty and magnificent
i can't imagine how magnificent you can be =)

thank you for being faithful despite of the unfaithfulness that happens
thank you.

thank you for loving us and me who always fail you =)

loving U =D
♥ Desperate Witty Owl @ 1:51 AM - 2 comments
Wednesday, October 8
Heavenly Father,
So grateful for funny friends...

Friends who find humor in the worst of things

Friends who don't mind squatting in the rain just to laugh

Friends who tickle u just to see that smile on my face

Friends who gimme stomach cramps coz of all the laughing

Friends who make me smile when a boring subject is on

Friends who make insanely crazy funny poems in class

Friends who are just like me.


I like =)
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Hair is every woman's crowning glory
Hair is a blanket from cold winds
Hair tells the story of what we eat *
Hair is so amazing;
such great hands You have for crafting our hair. =)
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Dear God,

It was an eventful week for 3 friends i hold close-
2 loves lost,
and 1 who found,

None knows what tomorrow brings,
But we know that in years to come,
they will look back on the days in that week
and praise You,
for You are the Master Tweaker;
You turn mourning into dancing.

Your plans are good.
=) Thank You.
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Sunday, October 5
Hey Daddy,
have been a long time since i thank you here =)

thank you for taking care of me even when i'm not really taking care of myself
thank you for reminding about patience when it was the last thing i want to be reminded of
thank you for being who you are to me, faithful and just!
thank you for helping me through all the assignments and the pissed off moments
thank you for loving me unconditionally despite of my perangai, bad temper, and crappiness
thank you for giving me the strength to still call myself a Christian
thank you for blessing my family and me with good healthy
thank you for reminding me that i serve you and not the words of man
thank you for being there to rescue me during the emo emo times
thank you for guiding me to do my assignments so that i had time to go theater =) =)
thank you for protecting me while i was all alone
thank you for keep me in a pink of health despite of the rain, sun, skip meal, stay up late
thank you for always being there for me though i am not always ready for you

Daddy, i want to be always be there for you just as you have been for me.
Daddy, thank you for being a friend =)

thank you!
still in love with you =)
♥ Desperate Witty Owl @ 12:09 AM - 0 comments
Sunday, July 27
Dear Daddy in Heaven!

Thank you for awesome friend who remember to pray for me

Thank you for great supportive family whom i can't wait to run back to

Thank you for new found friends who reminds me of God's faithfulness in providing friends when some have graduated!

Thank for my new supportive and semangat cell group members for encouraging me by their semangat-ness

Thank you for durians for me to enjoy eating!

Thank you for room mate who is crazy and such a darling.

Thank you for being with me. Teaching me to have a still and quiet spirit. Thank you for teaching me in a way my tiny mind can understand.

still falling in love with you =D
♥ Desperate Witty Owl @ 1:49 PM - 1 comments
Thursday, June 26
Breakfast - bread + jam+butter

Lunch - bread + eggs+tomatoes

Dinner - bread + chicken nuggets

Thank You, God, for bread!!! simple to make and good to eat =)
♥ anna @ 2:22 AM - 0 comments
Monday, June 16
Dear Daddy God,

Happy Father's Day!! =)

thank You for being THE BESTEST.
♥ anna @ 2:25 AM - 0 comments
Wednesday, June 11
hey Daddy,
thank you for friends.
friends who reply sms and msn =)
friends who are there for each other.

thank you for family.
family who are still there for me after i smacked their butt
family who are weird and super duper special to me

thank you for scary moment.
scary moment that make me realized that you are really there for me.
scary moment that make me rest assure in you =)

thank you for holiday.
holiday helps my body to get enough sleep that i was deprive during uni time
holiday helps me to get in touch with friends

thank you for surprises in life
surprises in life make me look forward to the next day
surprises in life make realized that you are in control and not me

loving you!
♥ Desperate Witty Owl @ 12:08 AM - 0 comments
Thursday, May 29
Thank You, God, for care.

for caring people,
for the opportunity to care
for people in need of care.
just like You, I can care =)
♥ anna @ 1:14 AM - 0 comments
Monday, May 19
Thank You, God, for that parking spot which was on the nearest row to the mall's entrance!! despite the super jam & public holiday+weekend traffic from KL & Singapore, and the sign showing only 16 parking spots left, you still provided, just as we'd prayed:
- near
- away from rain

God answers prayers.
that i never doubt. =)
♥ anna @ 10:16 PM - 0 comments
Wednesday, May 14
Last sem's results:

206: =) =) =) =)
204: =) =) =)
213: =) =)
203: =( =(

=): =( = 11:2

conclusion: =)!

Thank You, God.
all glory & thanks go to You.

Thank You for holding my world in Your hands~
♥ anna @ 1:46 AM - 0 comments
Tuesday, May 13
Thank You, God, for helping me make the decision on which elective to take.

Thank You for wonderful friends,
they come in all shapes & sizes,
from here, there, and everywhere.

Thank You for funny coursemates,
they make studying more fun.

Thank You for a great semester ahead! =)
♥ anna @ 11:58 AM - 0 comments
Sunday, April 27
Heavenly Father,
Even though it was a very hormonal month,

I thank you for no major cramps and no mood swing days

I thank you for strength even though everything was draining me down

I thank you for perseverance. That I still went for worship training even though I would rather be a bum at home

I thank you for the satisfaction in life. I do not need to be an A student to be smart. I am smart in my own stuff

I thank you for jSh who bought me my cravings, gave me foot massages because I have sensitive nerves that induces cramps, and took care of me when I was sick.

Thank you Father for that one pair of footprints in the sand.
♥ Lydia J Xavier @ 3:03 AM - 1 comments
Dear God, this is about a week late, but i just wanna say...

- Thank You for the opportunity to study the course of my choice.

- Thank You for giving me motivation to study

- Thank You for giving me a rightly functioning body.
(my back ached because i sat in the same position staring at my books & laptop the whole day, urging me to take a break yet i ignored it, which later caused me a very painful backache all the way up the left of my back & neck, extending to my temples with a throbbing headache! i also ignored the warning signs of headache & continued reading when the room lights were off, with concentrated light from only the table lamp, & continued staring at the laptop - although i knew they aggravate my headache!!)

- Thank You for being with me throughout the 5 hours i tossed & turned in anguish, trying to get some sleep, yet being disturbed by racing thoughts.

- Thank You for hearing my prayers asking You to make me well again.
- Thank You for giving my that hunch about vomiting, thus i was able to reach the toilet in time.
(i didn't realize my stomachache was due to my dinner - fries, Coke, & choc cheese cake - not a good combination!)

- Thank You for a rather painless & easy vomiting process.
(gross unnecessary details, but i really mean it - Thank You)

- Thank You for John who was still wide awake at 5am (who else could i call for help at such an hour?!).
- Thank You for his caring heart & patience to try to hear my weak barely-a-whisper voice, his understanding longlong prayer, just like my Mum's.
- Thank You for answering.
- Thank You that he suggested propping my pillow higher to relieve the headache.
- Thank You for showing me that my bolster could be used as a pillow, and to push the other pillow under my back for more support.

- Thank You for removing those useless nonsense worries about the exam, and for helping me fall into a deep sleep.

- Thank You that i woke up just 4 hours later feeling so refreshed, as though i'd slept for 8-10 hours!
- Thank You that my headache & backache was completely gone! it's so amazing coz they'd been there for days, maybe weeks (though mild).

- Thank You for caring about these petty things. which other god does that?

♥ anna @ 2:37 AM - 0 comments
Friday, April 25
Dear DADDY!!!!

yes, it had been a very long time i thank you on blog
Thank you for walking me thorugh 4th semester finals!!
*i really felt i won't make it so far if it's not because of you!*

Thank you for speaking to me in my most tired and hopeless state
Thank you for putting so many stuff i have to think and do, so that i'll put my strength in you and not on myself or people around me coz only won't fail me
Thank you for the awesome holidays to come!
Thank you for great friends who have been involved in my life
Thank you for shaping me to be the girl you wanna me to be
Thank you for not giving up on myself, therefore i shouldn't give up on myself too!

still loving ya!
♥ Desperate Witty Owl @ 3:07 AM - 0 comments
Wednesday, April 16
woohoo!! full 2% extra credit for the 4 extra reviews i painfully wrote after persevering through 4 hours of boring talks!! wheeee!! that should help make up for the lost 7.x% due to not-so-motivated groupmates. grr.

Thank You God!! =]
♥ anna @ 10:51 AM - 0 comments
Thursday, April 3
Thank You, God, for free-er days. i slept in till 11:30am today! woot! such luxury (though fleeting).
♥ anna @ 8:15 PM - 0 comments
Sunday, March 30
Thank You, God, for antibodies!
i was coughing and runny-nosing last week but now i'm so much better, without having to take yucky medicine! heehee =D
♥ anna @ 8:48 AM - 0 comments
Wednesday, March 5
Hey, Dad.

Thank you for answering my random and silly prayers
I was at the entrance of the library and realised i didn't bring my matirx card to enter. i was sitting on the chair and ask you to sent me a friend who is going out of the library. in less than 30 seconds, you sent Huey Ling to answer my prayer.

Thank you for being the all possible
Thank you for telling me that you are really here with me
Thank you going everywhere with me =)
Thank you for being my super duper hyper Hero!

loving ya!
♥ Desperate Witty Owl @ 2:08 PM - 0 comments
Monday, February 25
i ♥ superficial relationships.
Thank You, God, for friends who don't.
♥ anna @ 9:13 PM - 0 comments
Sunday, February 17
Hey, Dad.

Thank you for using random people to inspire me again.
Thank you for reminding of you dreams for me.
Loving you lots =)
♥ Desperate Witty Owl @ 4:46 PM - 0 comments
Thursday, February 14
Hey, Dad.

Super duper lots not nice stuff happened this week

i dropped in the longkang
the ribborn on my shoes dropped off
my pink handphone case lost
i ter-tore my tee again
i kena locked in the toilet!!!!
no money in my wallet now
i still having diarrhea
my friend acting very weirdly lately
praying for someone but no answer yet
my tummy just simple feel well
i have no time to have bath before 9pm

haiz... God, help!
Above all, God I know you are still in control.
Thank you for still being God despite what had happened
Thank you for still loving me despite my complains and nagging
Thank you for showing me what true love really means
Thank you for demonstrating the greatest love of all
Thank you for still loving me so so much =)
Thank you for loving me 1st

Loving you, Daddy in heaven =D
♥ Desperate Witty Owl @ 3:13 PM - 0 comments
Wednesday, February 13
Thank You, God,

for hearing me
each time i cry out
for healing me,
removing my pain.

i am not ashamed
no, never!
to say
that i believe
You love me.
♥ anna @ 10:11 PM - 0 comments
Wednesday, February 6
me and Esper.

Thank you Lovey for the beautiful saree you have provided for me through a friend. Even though it's old, it mathches my skin colour!

Thanks for the two indian salesgirls who told me that the blue saree is nicer than the green one. I felt sad at that time but oh you do know the best!

Thank you for providing the only indian friend in my class, Lalitha who knows how to tie the saree. She's really good! I don't really feel shy exposing my stomach with a friend I already know. You know what I'll feel ya, Lovey!

Thanks for my kind Sharu who borrowed me a bangle and for Esper who gave me a "putter"(I'm not sure of the spelling")

And for a GREAT DAY in school!!!

♥ Anonymous @ 5:56 PM - 5 comments
Monday, February 4
Thank You, God,
for HuaFu & SekHee

who, on their way to college early this morning, so thoughtfully called me at 6.58am to ask if i wanted to walk to college together.

i would've freaked out if i had to walk alone in the dark.
i probably would've ran the whole way
and maybe fell into a drain, knowing me. =D
♥ anna @ 5:12 PM - 2 comments
Saturday, February 2
Hey, Dad

Thank you for test to make sure I study and don't waste money in university!
Thank you for test for it is an excuse for me to eat delicious food
Thank you for test for I know how smart I am. hahaha...
Thank you for test for the lecturers will have an excuse to cancel class.

Hehehe... Ops, sorry Dad. I'm crapping too much.

Thank you for test for you stayed with me when I study =)
♥ Desperate Witty Owl @ 1:09 AM - 0 comments
Wednesday, January 30
Thank You, God,
for the fresh green veggies at the supermarket today!
whee!! now i can get my greens-goodness! =D
♥ anna @ 1:13 AM - 0 comments
Thursday, January 17
Dear God,

i am stressed, unsettled, unsatisfied
with so many things.
i don't know why. =(

Thank You for listening.
♥ anna @ 12:10 PM - 0 comments
Tuesday, January 15
Hey, Dad

Thank you for a faithful sms replier brother

Thank you for coursemate with car who rajinly send us to go out to eat just becasue we feel like eating out

Thank you for another coursemate who so emo-emo aready
Thank you for the pen that she presented when I mentioned I lost mine
Thank you for the emo-emo notes that she wrote to me

Thank you for friends who still love me through the moody days

Thank you for friends who love, care and still do mistake
that I am convince that they are still human and God is still God

Thank you for the awesome time we spend during UPM retreat

Thank you for lame-lame friends so that I am not the lamest! =P

Still loving you, Dad =D
♥ Desperate Witty Owl @ 10:34 PM - 0 comments
Monday, January 14
Thank You, God, for my thick, soft, bright yellow blanket
so i wake up in the mornings feeling warm, cozy & sunshiny =)
♥ anna @ 12:59 PM - 0 comments
Friday, January 11
Thank You, God, for Coca-Cola.

high in sugar
& all things bad-
oh, bother!
Coke rocks.
♥ anna @ 1:16 AM - 0 comments
Thursday, January 3
Thank You, God, for girl friends.
Thank You, God, for real girl friends.

Myspace Icons

♥ anna @ 1:55 PM - 0 comments
Wednesday, January 2
Thank You, God, for instant noodles, instant cereals, instant drink mixes, food stalls, 24/7 mamak stalls, and money to buy food!

if not for them i'd die of hunger, coz i'm a hopeless cook. =(
the microwave caused a haze in the house today. AGAIN. =/
♥ anna @ 12:29 AM - 0 comments
Sunday, December 30
Thank You, God, for sore throats.

i don't like sore throat
i don't know why it likes me
so so painful,
so super ouch!

swallowing, usually an automatic process,
requires conscious effort
when my throat
is oh-so-sore...

i need concentration & skill when swallowing
squeeze my throat so it don't hurt too much.
try to swallow as little as possible,
chew my food as much as possible.

i hope
with this post
i'll remember
when my throat is better

how thankful i am
dear, dear God,
for a soreless throat.
i won't take for granted.

♥ anna @ 10:34 PM - 0 comments
Friday, December 14
Hey, Dad.

Today, it's a great day!

1st I woke up at 9.15am!
It had been awhile I woke up so early. Loving morning!
Thanks, Dad for waking me up?
And of cause, thank you for morning, Dad =)

2nd The girls in the Tan family finally went out shopping together after one and a half years!
Dad, thank you for family so that I could spent awesome time with =)

3rd Mum bought handbag at esprit after 30%+40% discount!
Thanks to primary school friend for the super staff price =D
Dad, thank you for friend like that! Cool, dude :)

4th I bought an esprit shirt at F.O.S =)
A nice formal yet pretty shirt =D
Thank you for reserving the shirt for me? =P

5th My 30% discount card from Pdi for my birthday *hint hint* is still valid though I lost my Pdi permanent card super long time ago
Dad, thank you for planning my birthday in Dec =)

6th I bumped into Giordano Happy Hours! =D
How cool is that! =)
Dad, thank you for planning the youth movie night during Giordano Happy Hours. Then, while waiting for Jien, we dropped by Jaya Jusco to have Giordano Happy Hours welcomed us =) Awesome!!

7th My result is out today! And I'm super duper HAPPY!
How can I not be!! ;)
Thank you for your guidance and wisdom. Though I was doubtful and stress in few papers, you truly brought me through! 
Thank you for reminding me nothing is impossible for you. Nothing is too small nor too big for you to accomplish. 
Thank you, thank you so much...

Wow... God knows to leave the best for the last!
How can a day be so great!!
Loving you lots, Dad!

Thank you for this awesome & marvelous day!
Thank YOU, yes, YOU, Dad! :D

♥ Desperate Witty Owl @ 11:35 PM - 2 comments
Wednesday, December 12
Hey, Dad.

Thank you I'm still alive =D
♥ Desperate Witty Owl @ 8:10 PM - 0 comments
Thank You, God, for Jamie-
she lets me crash at her place on last minute notice,
she shares her internet with me,
she gives me yummy food + endless supply of water,
and a nice bed + feather pillow + blanket,
she teaches me last minute stuff for the next day's exam.

Thank You, God, for her 2 cute doggies too.
can't help thinking of how creative You are,
making doggies the way they are - friendly, fuzzy, and fun! =)
♥ anna @ 12:12 AM - 0 comments
Tuesday, December 11
Hey, Dad.
Thank you for giving us time to sleep
because I love sleeping.

But why do we need to sleep, Dad?
♥ Desperate Witty Owl @ 12:32 AM - 2 comments
Sunday, December 9
Thank You, God, for free wifi! =D
♥ anna @ 4:27 PM - 2 comments
Wednesday, December 5
Thank You, God, for poems!
♥ anna @ 4:45 PM - 0 comments
Friday, November 30
Hey, dad.

Thank you for faithfully made morning happen
although I always wake up late to enjoy sunrise =/
♥ Desperate Witty Owl @ 11:23 AM - 1 comments
Thursday, November 29
Thank You, God.

Your plans are
bigger than mine,
greater than mine,
better than mine.

You're simply, amazingly mind-blowing!!

Thank You...
♥ anna @ 8:15 PM - 0 comments
Tuesday, November 27
Hey, Dad.

Thank you for giving me a sister
Thank you for lovey dovey sister, Fin
Thank you for sister that I can look up too
Thank you for sister to chat together non stop
Thank you for sister who will always stand by me
Thank you for sister who is about the same size as me

Dad, thank you for being my big DADDY =)
♥ Desperate Witty Owl @ 12:43 AM - 2 comments
Monday, November 26
Thank You, God, for a roommate who, like me,
is not a morning person.

so we don't feel pressured to talk to each other
in the lazy mornings.

♥ anna @ 5:55 PM - 1 comments
Sunday, November 25
Hey, Dad.

Thank you for lame-lame friends =)
who make conversation more colourful & funny

Dad, how can we be so lame?
Dad, are you lame too? =P
♥ Desperate Witty Owl @ 2:45 PM - 0 comments
Saturday, November 24
Hey, Dad.

Thank you for making planet earth beautiful and interesting.
Thank you for holidays for me to admire your creation, planet earth.

Thank you for not letting Adam lived on earth alone.
Thank you for friends who shown me a tiny bit of your love.

Thank you for allowing me to be hurt by my close friends,
then I know I need  you more.

Still loving You...

♥ Desperate Witty Owl @ 6:14 PM - 0 comments
Monday, November 19
Thank You, God, for crappy friends.

then we learn to be thankful for the good ones
and to be good, patient friends to the not-so-good ones.
♥ anna @ 12:23 PM - 0 comments
Thursday, November 15
Thank You, God, for girl friends! =D

♥ anna @ 11:40 PM - 0 comments
Sunday, November 11
Every mercy You pour out i'll turn back to praise! =) =)
♥ anna @ 1:08 AM - 0 comments
Thursday, November 8
Hey, Dad. I want to say..

Thank You for your unfailing + everlasting love
Thank You for still loving me though I didn't read the Bible
Thank You for never stop loving me despite of how you feel or think
Dad, thank You for making me your girl =)

Thank YOU =)
♥ Desperate Witty Owl @ 8:52 PM - 1 comments
Thank You, God, for gloomy, lonely days.

the scorching sun.
the roaring thunders,
the scent of rain-

Thank You, God, for i know--
better days
are to come. ^-^

♥ anna @ 3:53 PM - 0 comments
Monday, November 5
Thank You, God, for making humans in Your image.

so when i get to heaven,
i wouldn't feel alien.
so when i'm home,
i'd fit right in with You. =)
♥ anna @ 11:03 AM - 0 comments
Thursday, November 1
Thank You, God, for eyes.

brown eyes
black eyes
blue eyes
green eyes
pretty pretty eyes
& lovely eyelashes; so soft, so happy.

them eyes, they help us see this beautiful world, Your gift to us.
♥ anna @ 10:55 PM - 1 comments
Monday, October 22
Thank You, God, for cool mornings. =)
♥ anna @ 11:18 AM - 0 comments
Friday, October 19
Thank You, God, for music. =)
♥ anna @ 10:51 PM - 0 comments
Tuesday, October 16
Thank You, God, for shoes.
they're pretty, they protect my feet, and make me taller. =)
♥ anna @ 9:10 PM - 0 comments
Friday, October 12
Thank You, God, for nail polish. so pretty!! =D
♥ anna @ 1:15 AM - 0 comments
Thursday, October 11
Thank You, God, for Your love to me. You never gave up on me.
♥ anna @ 12:18 AM - 0 comments
Wednesday, October 10
thank you, God, for a nice, clean, soft, warm bed to sleep on. =)
♥ anna @ 1:54 AM - 0 comments
Monday, October 8
thank You, God, for fresh, clean drinking water, day after day! =)
♥ anna @ 11:59 PM - 0 comments

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